Prosthetic Leg for Beans

wave of the future 3d saskatoon

Meet beans.

This 4 year old chihuahua was rescued just over 1 month ago by one of our friends at the shop.

When he first came in, he had a nose infection, ear infection, yeast infection, and he was underweight.

Another major issue that he had was his front paw. It was disfigured and he had been walking on the nub of his wrist. This was starting to twist his spine, but the surgery is too invasive for him to undergo right now.

After seeing Beans and the problems that he had, our team got to work and our designer Lance Greene designed a 3-D printed prosthetic that would prop up his leg and allow him to walk comfortably while he waits for surgery.

We donated this prosthetic to Beans last week and so far he is loving it. He’s had a rough life so far but it looks like things will be turning around for him! Stay tuned for a video about him coming later this week!

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