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Standard Square Light Covers


Most light covers you find online come off in the car wash, easily break if hit by a rock or while off roading. Ours are 3D printed to fit perfectly and will never fall off in a car wash or on any roads, and are very durable. You can use them as there are or you can custom paint them for more personalized. 

These are for a standard square spot light. A new law was passed in Canada stating that all lights above regular height must have covers on them when driving on city streets.

We also offer 100% custom design light covers and much more.

  • Current cover designs:
  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • Jeep
  • Jeep (with skulls for e's)
  • GMC
  • Ram
  • 4
  • X
  • 4 LOW
  • AND GO

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