Fly On The Wall Security


Fly On The Wall Security is a Saskatoon mobile security company dealing exclusively in the north industrial area of Saskatoon. They can help with any kind property security, including dealerships and compounds.

The founder is actually a long-time friend of ours at Wave Of The Future 3D! We were able to be apart of his journey and help him from the minute he started his business.

One of the marketing angles that he wanted to tackle was his vehicle. He wanted a large Fly that he could mount to the roof of his car, marking it wherever he went as the official Fly On The Wall Security vehicle.


We knew that 3D printing is the best way to go at something like this for multiple reasons, so we produced the part, gave it a high strength epoxy coating, and mounted it to his vehicle. Now whenever he comes in he is always telling us how people always have to stop and ask about the fly which is a great opportunity for him to give a sales pitch!

Every traffic jam is now an amazing advertising opportunity for Fly On The Wall Security! Thanks again for letting us be apart of your journey!

For more information on them, check out their Facebook page at the link below

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