3D Printed Mascots for Rooter Man

Rooter Man Saskatoon 3d printed mascot

With more than 40 years of experience, and millions of satisfied customers, Rooter-Man remains the number one choice for professional plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning services in Canada & the US. They approached us in 2018 in need of a solution for 3-D promotional mascot statues to be flying on the roof of their vans.

Lance got to work on recreating their company logo as a 3D model, and then we printed our first prototype as a proof-of-concept. Check out the comparison!


3D Printing was the way to go for this project since it required no mold, it was lighter, and way less expensive. After building the small-scale model. We came up with a design of our own to make him really look like he’s “flying” on top of the van’s roof! Once these were printed, we painted them to match the company logo colors and added real cloth capes to blow in the wind.

Another cool little feature that we created for this project was the custom metal stand that you can see in the photos. Both the stand and the mascot were designed to click right into place making it easy to add/remove the statue as necessary.

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